Zirconia Implants and the Evolution of the Dental Implant


Many people are familiar with titanium dental implants. Some patients would prefer to avoid having a metallic implant placed and previously these patients’ desires were not able to be accommodated.

That has changed now with the Nobel Pearl Zirconia dental implant

Zirconia is a ceramic that is white in color and has been proven to be an effective dental implant material.  Advantages of a dental implant made of zirconia is natural aesthetics, improved attachment to gum tissue, and low plaque affinity.  

Dental implants are indicated to replace either a single tooth, or in some cases, multiple teeth. For anyone desiring a dental implant, whether constructed of titanium or zirconia, we would recommend a consult with us to evaluate the amount of bone present and space available for dental implant placement.

Schedule a Dental Implant Consultation

As Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Dr. Guyette and Dr. Beehner are uniquely talented at evaluating patients for dental implant placement. In some cases, bone grafting can be performed to build up lost bone to allow dental implant placement in areas that were previously too small for dental implant surgery. We work with your dentist who will build the tooth that attaches the dental implants once they are consolidated in your jaw. To learn more if you’re a good candidate for this implant procedure, schedule a consultation today.

Immediate Tooth Replacement


Immediate Tooth Replacement

As we age, our teeth become more brittle. As a result, fracture lines can form and teeth can break, frequently at the gum line. This process is accelerated if you have had a root canal or your teeth have been veneered or crowned. If this happens, many times it is not possible to save the tooth.

As improbable as it sounds, it is sometimes possible to remove a single tooth, place a dental implant and within 2 days, have a natural appearing tooth attached to the implant. This is possible because of improved implant materials and design and our expanding knowledge of the biology of bone healing and implant integration.

What this means for you is that should you have the unsettling experience of breaking a front tooth, if everything goes as expected, you can have a replacement tooth that is both fixed and very aesthetic. This avoids the need for wearing a removable tooth replacement appliance that can be uncomfortable and negatively impact the long-term result.

Even though the tooth replacement can look much like the natural tooth it replaced, it is not ready to function like a normal tooth. It takes 2-4 months for the implant to integrated with the bone before you can use it normally. During that time, you will have to chew carefully and avoid biting in the area of the tooth.

If you find yourself breaking a tooth and don’t know what to do next, contact your dentist or give us a call and we can quickly determine if you are a good candidate for immediate tooth replacement.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures | Guyette Facial & Oral Surgery, Scottsdale

When it comes to enhancing the overall health and appearance of your smile, the best option to consider is a full mouth reconstruction. This will involve the combination of multiple dental care procedures in order to restore and enhance the overall condition of a person’s mouth. When you meet with a Scottsdale oral surgeon and dental health specialist, you will be able to learn more about full mouth reconstructions in greater detail. Right now, we’d like to look at some of the basics of full mouth reconstruction treatment so you understand what to expect and how it can help you.

Custom Comprehensive Dental Treatment

We should note that every full mouth reconstruction is customized to the patient. Since each patient has different needs, we want to make sure that these individual needs are met. If you would like to learn more about how a customized treatment would work, the team at our Arizona facial rejuvenation and oral surgery centers would be more than happy to discuss these matters with you. Below are some basic treatments that can prove helpful to most patients.

Dental Fillings

For cavities (dental caries), the best solution is dental fillings. These will help restore any missing tooth structure and improve overall bite strength of the tooth in the process.

Inlays and Onlays

For tooth decay and tooth damage too severe for a traditional dental filling, the best option to consider is an inlay or an onlay. Inlays and onlays are like larger dental fillings designed for major portions of tooth structure.

Dental Crowns

When inlays and onlays are no longer viable options for addressing tooth decay, the best option to consider is a dental crown. These are caps that fit over the damaged/decayed tooth, improving its strength and protecting it from further damage.

Dental Bridges

When you are missing a few teeth, a great option to consider is a dental bridge. Dental bridges latch onto your remaining teeth adjacent to the tooth gap, allowing you to smile with confidence and eat just as you normally would.


When you are missing many teeth in a row, a dental bridge is no longer a viable option. In such cases, the best treatment to consider is a denture. These are held in place by bracing around remaining gum and jawbone structure.

Dental Implants

For the most secure hold of dental bridges and dentures, it’s important to consider Scottsdale dental implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into a person’s jawbone and gum tissue. They provide a hold that is comparable to natural tooth roots.

Other Options for Aesthetic Enhancement

Having a great smile is not the only option out there for enhancing your overall appearance. In addition to undergoing a full mouth reconstruction, undergoing facial plastic surgery can give you the look that you’ve always wanted. We’d be more than happy to discuss all your options for enhanced aesthetic enhancement in greater detail during your visit to our practice.

Learn More About Advanced Enhancement and Rejuvenation Options

If you would like more information about full mouth reconstruction treatment and your many other options for enhanced aesthetic rejuvenation, contact our Scottsdale and Avondale oral and facial surgery centers today. The entire team here is eager to discuss all of your treatment options with you in greater detail so you can make the best possible decision about your dental care needs.

Dental Crown Lengthening in the Treatment of Gum Disease

Dental Crown Lengthening in the Treatment of Gum Disease

The gums are an extremely important part of your mouth that many people take for granted. It’s true that healthy teeth is important, but the gums can make a lot of difference in terms of dental health and dental aesthetics. When you meet with a skilled Scottsdale oral surgeon to discuss an issue related to the soft tissues in the mouth, we will be sure to listen to you and offer the best advice for solid dental care going forward.

One treatment option that may be helpful to some patients is dental crown lengthening. We’d like to take a moment to focus on this treatment right now.

What is dental crown lengthening?

Dental crown lengthening is a procedure that is performed to remove gum tissue from around a tooth in order to expose more of the tooth structure.

Why is dental crown lengthening necessary?

Both dental health and dental aesthetics play a part in determining if dental crown lengthening is the right option for a patient. In terms of dental health, dental crown lengthening is an ideal option if a patient has tooth decay below the gumline. In terms of dental aesthetics, dental crown lengthening is ideal if a patient has a smile in which the gums are more prominent than the teeth.

When you visit our oral surgery center in Scottsdale, AZ, we will discuss your candidacy for dental crown lengthening or any other viable treatments.

About Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by the bacteria that naturally occurs in the mouth and also causes tooth decay. When a person has gum disease, the gum will recede from around the tooth, allowing bacteria to access spaces beneath the patient’s normal gumline. Tooth decay can develop beneath the gumline, requiring greater exposure of the tooth structure to treat properly.

About Gummy Smiles

Gummy smiles are smiles in which the gums are too prominent. In most cases, these sorts of smile are genetic, though health conditions have occasionally been known to result in changes to the gumline as well.

The Dental Crown Lengthening Procedure

The procedure will vary depending on the needs of the patient. In general, dental crown lengthening is performed under local anesthetic. The oral surgeon will carefully expose more of the tooth structure.

In aesthetic procedures, adjustments of the soft tissues will be all that is required. For treatments related to tooth decay, the soft tissues will be carefully peeled back to expose more of the crown and root of the tooth. At this point, the tooth decay will be carefully treated before the gum tissue is sutured back in place.

If gum tissue needs to be removed during this procedure at all, then soft tissue grafting will be used to help rebuild some of the missing gumline.

Learn More About Dental Health Treatments

For more information about crown lengthening as well as other important dental care treatments such as Scottsdale dental implants, we encourage you to contact our practice today. The entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you attain optimal dental health while also allowing to achieve all of your aesthetic goals.